2009 Annual Meeting


Pat Hynes, New Mexico Space Grant and NASA EPSCoR

Tom Burton
Sayavur Bakhtiyarov
Eric Butcher
Igor Sevostianov
Andrei Zagrai

Structural Health Monitoring and Self-Healing of Aerospace Structures


Penelope Boston
David Voelz & Nancy Chanover

Infrared Instrument Development for In-Situ Organic Detection

Ou Ma

Concept Study of using a Passive Mechanism to Simulate Walking on the Moon

Robert Paz

Simulating Reduced Gravity in Space Flight Training Using an Exoskeleton

Rafiquil Tarefder

Predicting Failure Behavior of Polymeric Composites in Space Vehicles Using a Unified Constitutive Model

Jim Lyke

Plug and Play Satellite Technology

Akshin Bakhtiyarov for
Sayavur Bakhtiyarov

High Performance Turbojet Engine Nano-Lubricant

Katrina Koski for
John L. Wilson

Carbonate dissolution in mixed waters due to ocean acidification and sea-level rise


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