About Us

New Mexico State University (NMSU) is the lead institution for the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium (NMSGC). NMSGC is a member of the congressionally funded National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program which was administered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1989.

National Program Objectives

  • Establish and maintain a national network of universities with interests and capabilities in aeronautics, space and related fields;
  • Encourage cooperative programs among universities, aerospace industry, and federal, state and local governments;
  • Encourage interdisciplinary training, research and public service programs related to aerospace;
  • Recruit and train U.S. citizens, especially women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities, for careers in aerospace science and technology;
  • Promote a strong science, mathematics, and technology education base from elementary through secondary levels.


New Mexico Space Grant Consortium continues to have a prominent and permanent presence throughout New Mexico. New Mexico Space Grant Consortium is the lead agency of coordination and cooperation to engage Americans in space related technical education and research.


To advance the economic, education, and scientific benefits of space related endeavors. New Mexico Space Grant Consortium strengthens and inspires lifelong learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as it pertains to space related activities and NASA's mission.


  • Communicate unique NMSGC programs to local, state, and national leaders in STEM education and research.
  • Enable commercial space industry development by highlighting NASA & NMSGC programs and capabilities.
  • Be a clearing house for statewide space related expertise, information, facilities, and education.
  • Take advantage of our unique geographic position and proximity to Spaceport America to provide a link to commercial launch opportunities for students and faculty.
  • Increase our collaboration with STEM education partners.


National Charter

NASA Authorization Act of 1988

Program Office


Strategic Plan
Twenty Year Review (pdf)
2009 Annual Meeting
2010 Annual Meeting