NMSGC Student Launch, April 25, 2015
Post-flight Information


Launch site: Spaceport America, New Mexico, USA
Launch Operator: FLARE/Tripoli White Sands, Las Cruces, NM
Launch POC: John DeMar (FLARE), jsdemar@gmail.com
Payload POC: Patricia Hynes (NMSGC), pahynes@ad.nmsu.edu, 575-646-5157

DIMENSIONS: 8 in. dia, 13 ft. tall
WEIGHT: 140 pounds (including motor and payload weight of 15 pounds)

Fiberglass, aluminum

Cesaroni Technologies 21062O3400-P BURN TIME: 6.2 sec

1067 poundsMAX ALTITUDE
GPS: 12391 ft / 12411 ft (@28 +/-1 sec MET) Official alt: 12,400 ft AGL (+/-50 ft)
BARO: 12248 ft / 12055 ft (@28.7 sec) 16,967 ft MSL (+/-50 ft)

Azimuth = 110° (E-SE), Elevation = 85° (5° from vertical)

Liftoff: 16:14:39 Z (10:14:36 MDT)
Apogee: 16:15:07 Z
Landing: 16:17:25 Z (rocket), 16:17:33 Z (payload) Recovery: 17:14:42 Z (return
to launch site) Payload hand-off: 17:33:47 Z (at Gateway Terminal)

Launch Pad: 32.940340°,-106.911438°
Spectators: 32.940237°,-106.919451°
Apogee: 32.9350°,-106.9096°
Landing: 32.936613°,-106.896732° (payload);
32.936160°,-106.896798° (rocket); 160 ft apart

Spectators to Pad: 2500 ft East Pad to Apogee: 2200 ft S-SE Spectators to Apo: 3600 ft SE
Pad to Landing: 4700 ft (0.89 miles) E-SE

At Burnout: 880ft/sec, 547mph, Mach 0.782 Descent rates: Drogue: 112 ft/sec
Main: 29 ft/sec (after 111 sec MET at ~1900 ft AGL)

At liftoff: ~7.0 g Max powered: 7.6 g
Apogee Parachute Deployment (pilot + bag+ relief wraps + drogue): Charge fired at 28.7 sec MET, backup charge fired at 30.7 sec MET
3.3 sec from apogee charge to drogue inflation
5.5 g shock at drogue deployment
Descent distance from apogee to drogue inflation: ~400 ft (gradual deployment) Main Deployment (relief wraps + bag + main on each part):
AGL, backup charge fired at 1863 ft AGL
AGL, backup cha+12|-24 g shock at deployment @109.6|@110.6 sec MET


To view the GoogleEarth KML file with the flight profile from the two onboard telemetry units plus markers for ground locations, please submit a request to kcoogler@ad.nmsu.edu